Footvolley Legends: Izakaya evenings

11 June 2018, 15:53
Life After Football

In spite of how it might look, with all the sun, sand and blue waters, it was hard work out in Ibiza.

The Footvolley tournament was competitive, too, as legends of football went head-to-head, toe-to-toe on the sand. So the evenings were all about recovery and there's no better way to recover, re-energise and relax than with some good food. And, out in Ibiza they've got some of the best.

A home from home, too, IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar, one of Amsterdam's best eats, is out there in Ibiza, too. Their high-class chefs are out on the famous holiday island representing the Entourage Group who have all ground covered out in the sunshine. A beautiful hotel is the idyllic setting for IZAKAYA out in Ibiza and gorgeous architecture and a swimming pool surrounds this innovative eatery that combines Asian and South American cuisine in style.

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