Sneaker of the Week: Nike Air Max 98 Highlighter

05 February 2019, 12:17
Life After Football

Standing out everywhere you go, even in the dark, Nike's newly dropped Air Max 98 is our Sneaker of the Week.

Our weekly footwear highlight this week isn't the most subtle, but certainly makes up for what it lacks in low keyness with some amazing attention to detail... and neon, too. For the Air Max 98 Highlighter is invigorated with neon colours, from vibrant oranges and greens to hot pink.

The silhouette is vintage Air Max, though, with that super strong style and tough fabrics that the iconic shoe series is known for. In spite of the neon bright colours, this remains a very tough-looking shoe, something only an Air Max 98 could pull off.

With solid black base and a mudguard, don't let the vibrancy fool you. This is still a very streetwise shoe, but one that you just so happen to be able to see in the dark from half a mile away.


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