Comrade of the Day: Matchday SIX

20 June 2018, 11:42
Life After Football

What makes a Comrade of the Day in this ongoing series of standout World Cup performers?

Providing a moment of skill is certainly a trait, as is making one decisive action to change the game for your nation. However, for Matchday Six, our Comrade of the Day is a player who displayed some extreme cunning.

Standing off of the pitch after receiving some physio treatment following a collision in this match between Poland and Senegal, M'baye Niang was just eager to get back on the turf. His side were one goal up and looking like they could build on that, too, with his own pace and that of Sadio Mane looking like a real threat on the break.

But whilst Niang stands on the touchline at the halfway line, The Lions of Teranga are down to 10-men and it is Poland who are on the ball. Their winger waits on the right-side of the pitch, relying on a signal from the fourth official to re-enter the action. Meanwhile, Grzegorz Krychowiak is looking to restart an attack by knocking the ball back to his goalkeeper - it's now that Niang strikes.

In a foot race the AC Milan player bursts from off-the-pitch to on-the-ball, nipping in ahead of the last defender and Wojciech Szczęsny to intercept the loose backpass. It was no contest and with all of the composure of a planned attack, Niang rolled the ball into an empty net.

There was no violation of the rules, nor was there any indication that this was a planned move. But for pure opportunism and what may have been the most cunning goal of the World Cup, M'baye Niang is our Comrade of the Day.

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