Dele Alli streams himself playing Fortnite

26 April 2018, 16:00
Life After Football

In what might just be the most 2018 thing ever, Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, Dele Alli, has streamed himself playing the popular video game Fortnite to thousands of fans.

He’s not the first to do – even Drake had a go playing to thousands recently. However, even so it was intriguing to get a glimpse of a footballer truly enjoying something away from the game. Whilst many tuned into the Champions League semi-final, the England international was in a competition of his own, trying his hand at the hugely popular game in which 100 weaponless players face-off.

Using Twitch to stream online, this is the sort of thing that makes your grandfather confused about where modern football is heading. But, for the younger fans, this is pure gold. Enjoy…

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