HUF release a World Cup ready collection

04 June 2018, 12:35
Life After Football

Celebrating what they're calling the 2018 Summer world soccer games, American skate brand, HUF have put out some very cool football-inspired pieces.

With a hint of sattire, a shade of sarcasm but above all, some very stylish additions, the DBC Football Club Collection is one of the pre-World Cup fashion highlights so far. Standing for Dirtbag Crew, the DBC star as the main role in a brilliant lookbook and video display of the collection, as they prove themselves to be less than professional in their approach to the game.

Beer sipping, smoking and holding canine pets whilst playing, look out for the smart graphic tees, custom football jerseys and even a HUF-branded football among the collection on show.



There's even more to the collection, too, with jackets, scarves and various other football-inspired pieces coming out of this very special, very timely release from HUF. All of that can be found on their website.

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