Romelu Lukaku signs to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation

20 April 2018, 12:00
Life After Football

Manchester United forward, Romelu Lukaku has become the first Premier League footballer to sign onto Jay-Z’s latest venture, a sports management company under the Roc Nation label.

Aimed at helping athletes meet their commercial and cultural potential, Lukaku will be under the guidance of Roc Nation when it comes to management. It’s a big statement for all involved.

For Jay-Z, it’s a further step into sport and football, where Jerome Boateng of Bayern Munich and Germany is already signed up. For football and the Premier League, it’s a co-sign from one of the most influential companies and figures in popular culture, underlining just how far the sport reaches in terms of commercial and cultural significance.

As for Lukaku, it underlines him as a sportsman with more to offer than just what he provides on the pitch. The Belgian striker who is sure to lead his nation’s forward line at the World Cup this summer, has already expressed his delight at signing onto to the esteemed label. He’s already thrown a diamond up as a celebration, too.

Aside from sport, the likes of Shakira and DJ Khaled are also affiliated to Roc Nation, plus they are greatly acknowledged for the rise of Kanye West back in the mid-2000s, too. So keep an eye on Romelu…

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