Liverpool by Le Ballon and Patrick

11 June 2018, 11:59
Life After Football

Here's something very special from the football culture and fashion geniuses over at Le Ballon, as the Parisian brand collabs with Japanese creatives to revive something of a fallen giant of sportswear, Patrick.

Based on the iconic Liverpool shoe of the 1980s, this work is largely a tribute to the football culture of the time and the culture of the brand which, despite being founded in Belgium during the 19th-century, has rarely been prevalent in the recent adoration for sportswear brands in fashion.

But Le Ballon are looking to change that as these trainers, handmade in Japan, use original Patrick lasts from France that contributes tot he heritage feel on show. Add to that some fine details like the 'You'll Never Drink Alone' motto of Le Ballon's bar, adorned on the bottom of the shoe, and you've got yourself a very unique sneaker with more cultural references than you can shake a pair of circa-2000 Patrick shinpads at.

The Le Ballon Liverpool will be available from June 15th in Japan and June 13th in Paris, available from Patrick, Mita Sneakers and at a Le Ballon pop-up.


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