FC Utrecht fans successfully petition to change club’s home shirt

15 May 2018, 12:52
Life After Football

We’re always hearing about how football is moving further and further away from the fans, but those of Utrecht have proved that there is still something there to cherish.

Unhappy with the design of the club’s new home shirt that saw their iconic diagonal red and white shirt design interrupted by a shirt sponsor inside a white box, a large amount of Utrecht supports decided to do something about it. A petition was launched to adapt the new home shirt, giving back that diagonal jersey, even if it means reworking the sponsor’s logo to look slightly different.

Lo and behold, the board listened to the fans. The shirt, designed by no lesser legend of kit design than Hummel, has been rejigged to remove the sponsor from that white box and is now written across where the two diagonal sections meet. The previous design, debuted in the FCU’s final league of the season recently, will never be seen again – to the pleasure of those determined fans.

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