Moto have a Polaroid Mod for your summer flicks

12 June 2018, 12:27
Life After Football

Moto are true legends of the mobile phone game, innovating the concept of a handheld phone from the big bricks that they once were.

And they're still going now, doing things that no-one else is when it comes to their smartphones. They boast an array of 'Moto Mods' for their latest phones that give them new abilities - some of which are pure genius.

Using what's already a great camera in the Moto Z2, the brand has a Polaroid attachment that allows you to instantly print off your photos. And sorry Andre 3000, but there's no shaking required here. 

Pure innovation from Moto, as they bring some of the most game-changing technology of the past from Polaroid - something still very much loved today - and apply to their latest smartphones. Perfect for some summer souvenirs.


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