Lack of Guidance 'Appie Tee'

07 June 2018, 11:38
Life After Football

Lack of Guidance are back and as always, they’ve hit the spot with a tasteful and poignant release. 

The Amsterdam natives are true lovers of the game and understand it’s ability to break down boundaries beyond football and beyond fandom. For this release, in-line with Netherlands’ absence from the World Cup and Morocco’s presence at it, they have released a long-sleeved tee as a statement about such a scenario.

The Netherlands has a large Moroccan community as, during the second half of the 20th century, a number of Moroccans came and worked through the sixties and seventies, occupying jobs that there simply wasn’t enough Dutch people for. In 1973 when the Dutch closed its borders, a number of Moroccans decided to stay in the country and as such, first, second and third generation immigrants of Morocco are still living in the Netherlands today - bringing their own culture to the melting pot that is modern Holland.

Many would argue the country is richer for it but, as we know only too well, immigrants and minority groups worldwide are often subject to discrimination. Be it explicitly or implicitly through the press, Lack of Guidance feel that ‘even though nowadays you can’t think of the Netherlands without its Moroccan citizens, a lot of Dutch people do not embrace their presence.’

‘In a society where an unfairly negative portrayal of Moroccans is dominant, it’s time to make a different voice head. With this release, we honour all Moroccan Dutch players who have made the qualification possible and we call on the rest of the Netherlands to cheer for the country and the people that as a nation, we often make it so difficult for.’

The release has the names of the Dutch-born players in question written on the back, as the likes of Feyenoord captain, El Ahmadi and Ajax’s star midfielder, Ziyech, appear on the back of a really smart graphic tee from L of G.

Reworking a Morocco football emblem on the front, Lack of Guidance flex what is a trademark move as their bootleg-style of remixed logos looks great once again.

Furthermore, there’s significance in the name, too, as the ‘Appie tee’ is, of course, a reference to the young Ajax player, Abdelhak ‘Appie’ Nouri, whose sad story touched the entire football world. Nouri, tragically left brain damaged after collapsing during pre-season last summer, is also a talented Dutch footballer of Moroccan descent and this tribute to him makes this tee even more of a special statement from Lack of Guidance.

Retailing at €79.95 you can purchase the Appie Long Sleeve through the brand’s online store from June 7.

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