3 reasons why footballers drink coffee, too...

03 July 2018, 13:41
Life After Football

The diet of a professional footballer is not only strict but also scrutinised, depending on what they are seen eating and drinking.

The PSV players may not have listened whilst they celebrated their title victory a few months back – it was more lager than coffee for them, then – but, with coffee machines like the Saeco Xelsis from their fellow Eindhovenaren at Phillips, they’ll surely know about the joy of beans as well as beer.

Here are three reasons why a cup of Joe is just as vital in the life of a footballer as it is in our own (that is assuming that you didn’t make it pro, either).


ONE: Barista standard coffee in their kitchen

The price of a coffee machine has rarely been more competitive, but the wage of a footballer has never been higher, either. This means that you can guarantee many of your favourite players have a high-quality, little robotic barista in their kitchen, fitting in with the hectic schedule which the top players have. The Saeco Xelsis can even clean itself, too!

Whether it is one for on-the-go on the way to training, or a latte to relax with after a game or intense session, the accessibility one has to the finest coffee in 2018 is ideal for the modern footballer. We doubt you’ll catch Lionel Messi in Starbucks anytime, soon, but nursing a flat-white in his living room? Maybe… he’s got a decent hipster beard, after all.


TWO: Energy, energy, energy

This many may be too many. Impressive range, though.

It may seem an obvious way to get some energy before a game, yet we’ve never seen a player in the tunnel sipping a skinny mocha. However, a pre-match coffee isn’t actually a bad idea at all, so long as the player doesn’t overdose on caffeine.

 “The optimum amount is around 3mg of caffeine per kg of body weight,” according to Mayur Ranchordas, a sports nutritionist at Sheffield Hallam University who spoke to British magazine, Four Four Two on the subject of coffee and football. It makes sense. A coffee will make a player sharp once it hits, but too much, and they might crash. Drink Responsibly.


THREE: Relaxation

There’s nothing quite like the social aspect of a coffee. Just the right amount of time for a quick catch up in a busy schedule, or the right amount of liquid to work through in an important meeting. Whether it’s a tactical meet with a coach or a rare quiet moment shared with a loved one, a coffee has been the go-to pastime for humankind for some time – and for footballers, it is no different.

At home, many of the finest coffee machines make this experience so easy, too, with the ability to make two coffees at the same time assisting you and your coffee partner of choice, whoever it may be.

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