Footvolley Legends: Coming soon to Dutch TV

09 June 2018, 22:54
Life After Football
Still with sand inside our shoes, Life After Football is back fresh from Ibiza.

However, as nice as the accommodation from Marble was on the paradise that is Ibiza, this was no holiday. We were there for competition as some legendary Dutch footballers circled in on the island and the court to face off in the beach-bound spectacle that is Footvolley.

With origins on the beaches of Brazil, it's a game all about control and skill, as pairings of ex-footballers found out in the Ibizan heat. Who won? Who didn't? Who would've preferred to have been poolside? All will be revealed this August when the TV broadcast of the events will go out via Veronica.

Pairings of Patrick Kluivert and Denny Landzaat, John Heitinga and George Boateng, Royston Drenthe and Glenn Helder, Michael Mols and Orlando Trustfull and Frank de Boer went toe to toe on the sand, with the competitive nature of their playing days still evidently intact.

Gassan were the timekeepers of the event, keeping those kitted out in head-to-toe Footvolley wear from Bolas very much in line, even when some decisions were hard to call. The competition was tough in the daytime on the sand, but with beautiful evenings graced by the likes of Casa Ron, the edge was taken off in the night time, at least.

Now, with a whole host of legends back home and safe thanks to the people at Corendon who got us out to Ibiza, we're looking forward to sitting back and watching the TV show later on this summer. It'll be the perfect souvenir from a fine summer getaway.

Photography from Anne Sarah Dijkhorst/Rec&Raw
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