Juventus release new home jersey

15 May 2018, 10:39
Life After Football

Ever since Drake rocked that pink Juventus shirt, there’s been a rise in the number of people wearing jerseys from the Old Lady as a fashion piece – let’s not deny that.

A controversial but, in hindsight, a very smart rebranding of the Juventus logo and some further smart kit design from adidas has only increased the accuracy in such a statement. Their alternative, khaki shirt last year was among the most classy jerseys to grace a football pitch all season.

But now that 2017/18 is over – barring the small matter of some cup finals here and there – Juve are flaunting what they’ll be wearing next time around, and they’ve reworked those iconic stripes. Thicker stripes and less of them in the theme here, as the recently recrowned Italian champions, go for a more bold look than in years previous.

In addition to the likes of Dybala modelling the new strip, the Turin club have released the following statement with the jersey, too, coming straight from the mouth of the designer, Francesca Venturini;

“Juventus isn’t just one of the most ambitious clubs in the world from a football perspective, but also in terms of having a bold and forward-thinking approach to design. The redesigned identity of ‘Black and White and More’ guides all of our work with Juventus and allows us to innovate with modern interpretations of a historic club. This new home jersey is a great example of that.”

Still marked with that Jeep sponsor that is slowly becoming quite iconic, this is yet another strong jersey from Juventus. No clue whether Drizzy will be rocking it any time soon, but expect to see this shirt tearing up Serie A next season and on Saturday when they debut it against Verona.

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