Off-White ready to Cruise into 2019?

23 May 2018, 11:58
Life After Football

Virgil Abloh's popular fashion label, Off-White, has quickly become one of the most recognisable brands in the world - always one step ahead.

And they're already talking about 2019! The brand has released their lookbook for the collection of Off-White Cruise 2019.

Titled 'Impressionism,' Abloh has gone to a scenic, natural location for this lookbook, complete with cliffs, waterfalls and greenery as far as the eye can see. Look out for some solid camo work that, despite their pattern, are more than able to stand out in the great outdoors.

Also, there's a vast array of denim here, too. Some including a tie-dye effect and others being painted, there's some really strong denim work both in terms of jeans and jackets forthcoming.  T-shirts, button-down shirts, jumpers, trousers, shorts, and various outerwear comes within this lookbook, as Off-White look to create a collection that can cope with the outdoor setting that they've set their clothes against.

Expect the usual range of accessories, too, ranging from belts and scarves - the latter looking a tad football-inspired. Also, caps, socks, and bags round off what is sure to be a great capsule from Off-White when it drops later this year... not 2019.


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