The Lurkers release three new World Cup tees

31 May 2018, 13:30
Life After Football

If you're not yet aware of The Lurkers, they're a small collective of creatives from London, dabbling in all of graffiti, photography and poignantly, very sick t-shirt design.

Infamous for their sometimes satirical, sometimes bootleg-style, The Lurkers have a knack for reworking iconic logos and moments of popular culture, to whack them on a t-shirt and sell to their many followers. Last year they put out the Lurkers '17 World Cup tee, a tribute to France 98 and mascot, Footix. But this year, with the World Cup just 2 weeks away now, they've gone much further.

Not one, nor two but three new World Cup-inspired tees have just dropped from The Lurkers, with each one being a nod to an iconic World Cup.

Going backwards in time, we start in 1998 where they have picked up Footix again for a Lurkers '18 edition of the tee from last summer. Still with Footix in their trademark lurking bucket hat, there's a sense of nostalgia to all of these t-shirts but especially this one for the 90s-babies.

Further back and for those in their native England, the summer of 1990 holds significance. It was the last time England progressed past the quarter-finals and the last time a nation genuinely felt like the Three Lions might just go all the way. They didn't. Penalties plus Germany equalled elimination of England at Italia 90, but Paul Gascoigne's tears, Gary Lineker's goals and one of the most memorable kits of their history make this summer a landmark. The Italia 90 tee from The Lurkers, captures this via the slightly eery-looking stickman mascot of the time, with the Lurking head attached.

And finally, to Mexico in '86. More pain for England, here, with Maradona's Hand of God and Maradona's pure genius seeing off the Three Lions this time, but again, iconic moments in the cultural make-up of a nation. Inspired by graphics from the branding of that tournament, The Lurkers once again pull off a smart t-shirt with the tidiest of cultural references.

All of their tees are available from their website but act quick as they usually sell out.

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