Versace have made another $700 football shirt

20 June 2018, 12:12
Life After Football

It's got black and grey stripes with red detailing and is yours for just 700 dollars...

Fashion's embracing of football hasn't come anywhere near as luxurious and high-class as Versace's football jerseys. This is their second soccer release as the famous Italian brand follows up an earlier released white jersey with this number.

Who's gonna buy it? Not sure, assumably a football fan with a taste for high-fashion and money to burn, but those who do are likely to be rocking the most expensive football shirt in the world - barring those worn in iconic matches by legendary players, of course.

The back of the shirt features the wording and number "12 VIA GESU” — a nod to the location of the brand’s headquarters in Italy. On the front, it's all extremely flashy which you would expect for such a sum of money. The iconic “Versace” logo isn't subtle and is complemented by the brand’s Medusa Head and a golden crown.

Those who do fancy splashing the cash can do so, here. You'd be the smartest guy at 5-a-side next season, that's for sure.

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