Comrade of the Day: Matchday TWO

16 June 2018, 13:22
Life After Football

There is a LOT of football upon us.

In the group stage phase of this World Cup, there will be at least 3 games of football every day for 13 days. That's a lot of goals, a lot of passing, a lot of 'ooh are we going to see VAR here?' and a lot of heroes and villains. Similar to our Player of the Weekend series in the regular season, we're going to be providing you with a World Cup alternative; Comrade of the Day.

Who else? Genuinely, who else can you even consider picking over Cristiano Ronaldo after what he did last night?

Despite being 33, he showed that he can still be as lethal as ever. If anything, such experience has only helped him add a craftiness to a game - one that helped him lure Nacho into giving away that penalty in the opening 2 minutes. He converted it, of course, and from then on he was the driving force in a resilient Portugal.

A rare De Gea error was to CR7’s benefit, as the Spanish goalkeeper was caught off-guard by a powerful left-foot drive. But Ronaldo’s greatness was typified in the dying embers of the match.

A back and forth game, surely one of the best you’ll see all summer, eventually looked as if it was about to fizzle out into a fairly comfortable win for Spain. But step forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

The free-kick that he whipped into the top corner was one too close to goal for his usual ‘up and down’ technique. Also, he’d missed his previous 46 free-kicks in major tournament football. But none of those previous free-kicks would’ve held such importance and such context as this one. To save a point for his country and to complete a famous hat-trick, Ronaldo had all the motivation he needed to do something special. The 51st hat-trick of his career and the 51st hat-trick of World Cup history. The stars seem to align for this bloke.

Over to you, Messi.

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