WATCH: Monica Geuze gets a brand new smile

17 January 2019, 13:32
Life After Football

You could be the most fashionable guy or girl on the block, but that age-old cliché will always be true - the best thing you can wear is a smile.

We're fortunate to know just the place that can provide the perfect smile in Lassus Dentists, Amsterdam. This high-end institution has been putting first-class smiles on clients for decades, with Eric Botteghin amongst their admirers. The latest, is the blogger, Monica Geuze.

Thousands tune in every day to see her face and hear her thoughts on YouTube, making this on-the-go mother's smile a huge part of her career. Check out her experience of the good work that this celebrated dentist can offer.

For more information on Lassus, check their website.


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