Paul Pogba x adidas Season 4

01 May 2018, 15:48
Life After Football

The France international has linked up with adidas again to create a capsule for on and off the pitch.

Manchester United’s midfield dynamo has established himself as a character bigger than the sport itself, be it through his elaborate celebrations, hair or off-pitch attire. Therefore, he’s the perfect player for a release such as this as he brings his own style and his own logo to an adidas capsule.

Look out for a reversible bomber jacket, a long-sleeve velvet T-shirt and a black leather backpack, all of which come with a signature ‘PP’ logo courtesy of Paul Pogba. There’s also track pants and tees here, as this collaboration embraces both a sporty look and a casual one away from the game.

The collection will launch in Paris (where else?) before dropping at select stores and via the adidas web store (HYPERLINK:

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