FIFA and Louis Vuitton collab for leather accessories

21 May 2018, 12:59
Life After Football

FIFA and LV have made an unlikely collaboration in recent years, starting in 2010 when LV began making the official bag to carry the World Cup trophy in.

Talk about travelling in style. Now, the fashion label and the football federation have collaborated on some more travel pieces, bringing an obvious football aesthetic to some leather accessories.

Made from Epi leather, the legendary material that the fashion house is celebrated for, the accessories come in classic soccer ball prints, ranging across three colours. From subtle yet super classy luggage tags to complete backpacks, an ‘LV’ logo has been emblazoned across all of these pieces, which use the iconic hexagonal shape panelling of the famous footballs of World Cups gone by.

What’s more is that Louis Vuitton are also offering some customisation with these bags and wallets, too, with almost every flag of each nation at the World Cup being available as a colour scheme – complete with matching luggage tags, of course.

Coinciding with the dates of this summer’s World Cup – which is less than four weeks away by the way – the leather collection will be available from Louis Vuitton’s website and select outlets from June 14 to July 15.

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