Nike collab with Native Mag for exclusive jerseys

19 December 2018, 15:57
Life After Football

Bringing similar vibes to that famous Nike and Nigeria kit from the summer, Nike has worked with Native Mag for an exclusive jersey.

Inspired by the 90s with some typical prints of the era, street football in Nigeria is a strong influence here - thus the tyre marks on the shirts. Come again?

In Nigeria, it is typical for kids to play football using tyres as goalposts, just as 'jumpers for goalposts' is a familiar theme in Europe. The black kits come with white detailing, Native Magazine, a platform for the African millennial, fill the space of both the sponsor and club emblem. Look out for the old school Nike logo, too, with the company name accompanying the iconic swoosh. 

Released exclusively to Nigeria and Europe, the jersey is available here.