Sneaker of the Week: 'Caviar & Vodka' from New Balance

29 May 2018, 13:38
Life After Football

Our weekly top footwear pick comes from New Balance this time around, whose drop of three new sneakers is inspired by pure luxury with a name that simply intrigues: 'Caviar & Vodka.'

Sounding extremely boujee, this triple release involves the 770, 991 and 1500 silhouettes from NB, with each of them getting a different colourway in keeping with this theme of luxury. Look out for rich browns, black leathers, a bit of gold and crisp whites, too across all three shoes.

The 991 is perhaps the strongest as, with it's extremely fashionable 'Dad shoe-like' appearance, it seems the most on-trend. Add to that some extremely classy browns that work so well in high-quality leathers, and you've got yourself what is perhaps the classiest part of this Caviar & Vodka drop - which is no mean feat.

The 1500, with it's quite royal blue and mixture of that brown and gold that works so well on the caviar-inspired 991, is actually influenced by the tins which the famously expensive food was iconically sold in. Combining with a white midsole, their chunky shape and sporty appearance perhaps make this the most modest of the collection but a strong one nonetheless. 

Then, at the other end of the scale, the crisp, icy white 770. Hints of grey are the only thing to break the almost angelic nature of these super white sneakers of New Balance who have looked towards vodka for inspiration for these final shoes of the drop - must've been a good day at the office.

This intriguingly named and luxuriously-themed collection of New Balance trainers are set to release on June 2 at New Balance’s web store and NB retailers worldwide.