Amsterdam brand MAEL to be stocked in Bijenkorf

17 December 2018, 15:25
Life After Football

The Amsterdam label MAEL studio, has recently taken a big step. After a very successful store opening in the presence of all movers & shakers, the label is now available at the iconic Bijenkorf.

Their newest collection is comprehensive and contemporary and, as well as being made available online from the usual places, it is now able to be found in the Bijenkorf stores in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

"De Bijenkorf is a super interesting party to work with. In terms of sales, branding and especially international visibility," says Creative Director Tijs Wiedijk.

Because Tijs simply can not sit still, MAEL will continue to show a strong growth curve for the time being. Tijs is already visualizing the goals for MAEL in the upcoming 2019; "The next step is to be sold in the other Bijenkorf stores and to make an international growth".

Exciting times for one of Amsterdam's most exciting brands.