LAF 56 Footballers' Choices: Taittinger Champagne

18 December 2018, 18:12
Life After Football

Inside every issue of Life After Football, we like to provide you with some Footballers' Choices; a selection of products which we feel particular players would enjoy.

And, with our latest issue being out over the festive period, we had to select some bubbly to taste during our well-earned time off. Unless playing in the UK, chances are that footballers are off during this time of year, too, so Taittinger is a fine choice for all.

The brand has been praised worldwide for years because of the constant quality and elegance that they put into every bottle and into every glass. That supreme taste is thanks to the exclusive Chardonnay grape which they are proud to call their own.

Grab a bottle to start the new year with a sparkle. And grab a copy of Life After Football to see the rest of our latest Footballers' Choices.