'Visit North Korea' sponsor non-league football club

28 December 2018, 11:12
Life After Football

In the depths of the English football league structure, you will find one of the more curious commercial partnerships in the game.

Blyth Spartans, a side that operates in the National League North (England's 6th tier), is sponsored by the tourism board of North Korea. Visit North Korea appeared for the first time on the side's advertising boards on Boxing Day, December 26th and even the Visit North Korea website describes their newest commercial partnership as "unconventional".

"We're nevertheless proud to be able to help support the great English game at a local level and secure publicity for clubs in the north of England," said a statement from the company who market tourism in one of the world's most controversial countries. Whether or not the country's dictatorial leader, Kim Jong-un is a Blyth Spartans fan remains to be seen, but there's no doubt that the deal has given Blyth huge coverage.