Royal de Gruijter: A truly royal service for those looking to move.

19 December 2018, 13:32
Life After Football

In 1881 Royal de Gruijter was founded. In this year, the first person to experience it's first-class transport service was none other than King William III.

Whether you play football at 'de Koninklijke' or belong to the royal family, the people at Royal De Gruijter are happy to help you make your dream move happen easily. Paula Havenaar, international manager of the company, says: "Royal is a predicate that we have earned in the past with the relocation of members of the Royal Family. It was granted to us in 1920 by Queen Wilhelmina. We also treated her stuff with extreme care at the time.'

It is a frightening prospect: boxes full of personal items, piled up in the back of a strange moving van with only crossed fingers hoping that the driver does not turn too sharply.

Paula Havenaar told us: 'You don't have to be confused by all of this. We take care of removals within Europe with our own cars and people. We also meet the latest environmental and safety requirements. You do not deliver your belongings to a third party, but everything stays in the hands of our own professionals, from living room to living room. Moreover, we use state-of-the-art packaging materials, so that even the most precious or dearest possessions such as paintings, furniture, or framed children's drawings arrive without a scratch at the destination.'

Of course, your things arriving at the new place isn't the end of your moving in period. Actually, this is when it really starts.

Havenaar: 'We have our own relocation network in almost all countries where expats work. People with knowledge of the environment. For example, they can help you find the right school for your children, a new home, everything you need. In every case, we supervise the relocation personally, from A to Z. The customer is really king with us." No pun intended.