LAF World Cup Diary: No football on today... now what?

29 June 2018, 12:52
Life After Football

Dear Diary, I'm a bit lost.

For the past two weeks solid, there have been at least three games of World Cup football on the television.

Every time the screen was on, there was football on it. Goals, celebrations, VAR and that weird one with France and Denmark where nothing happened, it was all on each and every day for the past fortnight. But now what?

It's just daytime TV. People painting the insides of their homes or telling you where to go on holiday. People are just talking to each other on the screen and not even about the football. It's time to get off the sofa, dust off two weeks worth of crumbs and navigate through the ocean of pizza boxes and beer cans at your feet. It's time to turn that TV off. It's time to go outside again, foggy-eyed as the sun hits your eyes in an entirely different way to how your DH LCD screen has been doing so often.

You stumble out in search of football for it must be happening somewhere. Some people playing in the park fills the void for a moment, but when you propose they should VAR to solve their child-like squabble, strange looks from passers-by come your way. You feel lost. It felt like the football would never end but just like that, it has.

This next 24 hours will be the hardest of the entire World Cup. Going from three games a day or even a choice of two games happening at the same time hasn't so much given you your football fix as it has developed a taste for it, an addiction, an itch that needs to be scratched.

But it will end. Get on YouTube, watch each and every highlight of the past 46 games of international football and the games will soon return. There's the small matter of Argentina vs France tomorrow.