5 musicians who changed their name...

03 October 2018, 13:20
Life After Football

In the wake of Kanye West announcing that he wants to be known now, simply as Ye, it got us thinking of several other artists who changed their name during their careers.

Whether it be for a new era, a new genre or simply a rebrand, it's not uncommon for a musician to do so, but it does always cause some confusion. Here are 5 notable name changes from artists who, like Kany-, sorry, Ye, fancied a new identity. We start with maybe the most famous...

1. Prince

The late, great legend of pop, Prince, was influential at his best.

Known throughout his illustrious career in music as Prince, the Purple Rain singer changed his name in 1993. But unlike others on the list, his name didn't change into a reworking of his current name or anything even loosely similar. Rather, he turned his name into a symbol.

The symbol of love, made from the male and female gender signs combined, his unpronounceable new name meant that he became known as The artist formerly known as Prince.


2. P Diddy

Possibly the most confusing of all was the name change(s) of Puff, Puff Daddy or P Diddy. 

At the height of his 90s fame, Sean Combs was known as Puff Daddy. The head honcho of Bad Boy Records and a key player in Biggie Smalls' rise to the top, this is what many still know him as. However, he became known as Puffy, then P. Diddy, and finally Diddy in 2005.


3. Notorious B.I.G

Sticking with Bad Boy, the legendary Biggie Smalls took his name from the 1975 film, Let's Do It Again, in which the gangster, Biggie Smalls, was backed by several thugs.

However, the result of a lawsuit saw the New York rapper have to change his official stage name and it was from then on when he was known as the Notorious B.I.G. Despite this, you'll constantly hear him being referred to as either of the names throughout his music. Either way, Christopher Wallace has remained an icon since his sad death.


4. Jennifer Lopez

That's right, J-Lo wasn't just a nickname.

In 2001, so often referred to by the name that her fans coined for her, she chose to make it her official stage name when she released her album that year. However, when she started to make clothing and other merch, the name J-Lo by Jennifer Lopez was deemed to not have a ring to it, and her stage name was changed back to Jennifer Lopez.


5. Snoop Dogg

How couldn't the D-oh-double-G make our list for his infamous name change?

Originally known as Snoop Doggy Dog back when he released his debut album in 1993, he was known as Snoop Dogg for much of his career. Then he made a reggae album.

Involved in the Rastafarian movement, he became known as Snoop Lion, to himself at least. Most just call him Snoop, though.