Fragrances for your Xmas list...

13 December 2018, 11:12
Life After Football

Let's not kid ourselves, Christmas presents are always tricky.

Whether you're buying them or trying to tell someone what you want, it's hard to decide and you don't want to get it wrong on Christmas morning. Luckily, you've always got some safe options.

A CD for your technophobe parent or a fragrance, be it for your mum, brother cousin or best mate's uncle. Aftershaves and perfumes are always a good shout and here we've picked three which should be on your Christmas list or your shopping list.


This one is exactly what it says it is, as a range of super vibrant scents and accompanying packaging makes an ideal gift. Felicia Roses and Lemon Dulci, both of which are a sensory ode to 'joie de vivre,' inspired by the infinite beauty of nature combine ethics and aesthetics for a popular women's fragrance.



Again with nature as the inspiration, WOOD is made up of two different scents but we're going to focussing on the men's one, here. The fragrance has all the characteristics of wood: strong, robust and with a unique and complex structure. The scents defines the modern Dsquared2 man: sensual, independent and full of character. If this reminds you of someone, then this must be the scent for your Christmas list.


AN OLD LOVE RELATES (Limited Edition Musk Eau de Parfum) by Etro 

Now, this is the perfume that has something magical.

It is a seductive classic with an elegant and modest scent with musk often seen as the scent of love. The perfume is able to relax the mind and satisfy the senses. Top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and verbena are contained within a stunning paisley print bottle for a fine gift for a loved one.

All of these fragrances and more can be found at Elha Cosmetics this Christmas and beyond.