Rediscover vinyl this Christmas with B&W

10 December 2018, 14:03
Life After Football

Over the past few years, there's been an amazing shift in the music industry, as physical, vinyl records have made a staggering comeback alongside the Spotify and Apple Music streams.

And some companies are equipping listeners better than others, with amazing soundsystems being a must-have for anyone going back to vinyl this festive season. Bowers & Wilkins have the 600 Series, a collection of hi-fi, audio goodness designed to get the best from whatever you may need it for in your home.

From movies to vinyl, pristine audio is expected from their award-winning Continuum™ cone, which creates layered sound in the midrange with an amazing soundscape. From their 603 speaker to their 606, all the way through their range of central speakers like the HTM6, this is audio perfection.

Experience the crackle of the vinyl and every groove like never before, as old technology combines with new - and get the best out of movies, too.