Abarth and Pablo Lucker create 'one-off' automobile...

03 July 2018, 10:00
Life After Football

Here's a special collaboration between the automobile and art scene, as the Italian car manufacturer Abarth joins forces with Dutch contemporary artist Pablo Lücker to create The Scorpion Skin Edition.

The scorpion symbolizes the brand because of their similarities. Both small, fast and powerful. With this edition, Abarth brings its symbol, a scorpion, to life in an innovative and inspiring way. As they used shed scorpion skin in Lücker's uniquely crafted artwork. 

A lesser known trait is that scorpions glow at night. This inspired Pablo Lücker to develop this one-off car. And it was the reason this unique project was brought to life. Wearing a unique illustration, based on Abarth’s rich history.

Another relatively unknown fact is that scorpion venom is used for cancer treatment. Besides that, Abarth decided to auction this special edition and will donate all profits to KWF (Dutch Cancer Society) to fight cancer. The disease that took the life of company founder Carlo Abarth. This auction will be held in October, together with Life After Football.

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