Versace release their iconic 'Biggie Smalls' frames

11 October 2018, 10:12
Life After Football

You already know the shades in question.

During Notorious B.I.G's time at the top of the rap game, he was a fashion icon as well as one in hip-hop and he was known for a couple of staple pieces.

With that COOGI sweater on, Biggie's look has gone down in pop culture history, topped off with the Versace shades. The chunky frames that include luxurious gold metal Medusa medallion embellishments are back in a B.I.G way, with a slightly more modern touch to these legendary 90s shades.

The low-lens front shape is the only slight difference, with the unmistakable wide-style temples being the standout feature. They released this week and are available for all those looking to recreate a classic look.

Now, who is selling a COOGI sweater?