Fred Perry have made polos for the World Cup

24 May 2018, 11:28
Life After Football

Esteemed British brand, Fred Perry have readied themselves for the World Cup in style.

Now just three weeks away, the Russia World Cup is sure to be a fine celebration of the game and all of the subcultures that come with it. Something particularly prevalent in the build-up has been fashion, as the likes of Nike, adidas, Umbro and even Louis Vuitton have created collections inspired by what's to come this summer.

Fred Perry are the latest to unveil their effort and a fine one it is, too, as they have reimagined their iconic polo shirts in the colourways that honour 11 of the 32 teams at the tournament. The likes of England, Germany, Brazil and the hosts have been paid tribute too in this flag and kit colour polo shirts, meaning that some are more vibrant than others.

Whilst the England, German and Russian colourways start with a classy, white base,  Sweden's colourway and of course, Brazil's are a loud yellow in line with the kit colours of each nation. This has created a diverse collection in terms of the colour palette as the Fred Perry has crafted all of: Russia, England, Brazil, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Japan and South Korea.

The Russian shirt is a particular highlight with extra cultural relevance due to the fact the country is set to host it's first ever World Cup. Cyrillic writing adds an extra touch of originality to this polo, which could stand the test of time as a real relic of the 2018 World Cup as years go by. As an English brand, founded by the great tennis player, Fred Perry, the white and red England edition is also a highlight, with shades of mod culture in every stitch.