GZA features as Supreme release new tees for Fall 2018

19 September 2018, 11:30
Life After Football

And as always, they are great.

Say what you want about Supreme and their unwavering fanbase, but they are the masters of the graphic tee. 

In terms of fit, colour, cotton and of course, design, they seem to get it right every time. Never shy of making a statement or cultural reference, their t-shirts always come with something that catches the eye or appeals to their demographic... or maybe even appeals to people outside of their usual crowd.

Hip-hop 'old heads' may now be the brand's secondary audience after the super committed, massively lucrative and younger streetwear scene, but with a tribute to Wu-Tang member, GZA's iconic Liquid Swords record, there's something in this latest drop for Supreme's OGs. The New York brand stays loyal to the scene that was so influential in their rise, with skateboarders featuring in the lookbook, too.

Elsewhere, there's a mighty fine selection of seven t-shirts, coming in classic Autumnal colours like orange and green, as well as the more vibrant and the more basic blacks, whites and greys, too. These all release on September 20.