Still time for a summer getaway?

03 July 2018, 13:31
Life After Football

It was a hard season and the next one is upon us. But for some of us, there's still time to relax and recover.

Whether you spent the past 12 months trying to qualify for Champions League football or fighting relegation, it's important to find time to recover - even if you've just been watching from the sidelines.

We think we might have just found a perfect spot to spend some of the summer - or make that several spots.

In the Dutch Caribbean, there's an array of amazing villas that provide an amazing spot to relax at. On Knippenga Estate, expect supreme comfort - and not just because of indoor and outdoor king size beds.

The tranquil setting, up in the mountains and surrounded by sea views, is idyllic for a holiday of relaxation and recovery in the sun. Amazing food provided by the nearby Whale Tails Restaurant has all the needs of your taste buds met, too, meaning all you and your loved ones have to worry about is enjoying what this amazing part of the world has to offer.

Available thanks to these dream holidaymakers is a private jet experience - one that will take you from St Maarten to Statia where dining and diving is the order of the day. After seeing it all from the skies, those who fancy seeing this Carribean gem from under the sea can, too, with a diving experience that involves clear seas and colourful fish.

Situated just 15 minutes from Roosevelt airport and the historical Oranjestad, down a couple of miles of steep track lined with black volcano stone and lush vegetation, Knippenga Estate is a secluded escape off of the beaten track of tourists. There's an array of villas and rooms to choose from, ranging from super luxurious homes with private swimming pools and multiple bedrooms to more humble abodes like the romantic MareVista apartment.

Modern interiors are expected in each and every place at Knippenga Estate, with wi-fi and air conditioning able to keep you cool and connected to what will feel like the outside world - should you even want to.

To stay on this estate in the luscious Dutch Carribean is to escape all the stresses and rigours of the day-to-day and to sample a piece of island life. You won't want to leave, but when you do you'll return home refreshed.

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