LAF 56: 'Your moving to Spain...'

19 December 2018, 11:30
Life After Football

(Taken and translated from the latest print issue of Life After Football)

Sometimes the alarm goes off and you just dream through.

It really happened. You signed that contract, you are going to Spain. Playing in the same shirt as one of your friends brought back to you a long time ago from Turkey. Playing at the club of all those heroes, whose names you shout after a goal or into the ears of your friends following a clean nutmeg. Names that echoed endlessly between the walls in the streets where you grew up.

Again that alarm clock.

You really have to get up now. You grab your phone from the bedside table. Hundreds of messages. Former teammates, trainers from the past, journalists. One message is from a boy with whom you used to play football on the street. You have not seen or spoken to him for at least ten years. He writes that he was always convinced that you would become a great one. That full stadiums would know your name. He writes that he is proud of you. 

In the shower, you try to calm yourself down. You think about what has to happen. Moving away. Money matters. Quite a bit to worry about. Fortunately, there are companies that take care of those concerns. With Royal de Gruijter, for example, you can move like a king - without having to do anything yourself. Maybe you let the architects of Miralbo build a villa on the Spanish coast. Then you ask the professionals from Hoek and Blok to help you with the financial planning of that purchase? You turn off the shower spray and you decide to call people first.

You'll be ready to play football, carefree.