These Vans are so World Cup...

25 June 2018, 13:29
Life After Football

Vans come in all shapes, sizes and colours and now, with the World Cup coincidentally occurring alongside their release, the iconic brand has put out a Slip-On covered in flags.

Complimented by nothing else apart from Vans' famous Off The Wall branding, this latest release of the Slip-On silhouette is one for the men and women of the world to enjoy. Founded in the 1960s, the brand has truly become a worldwide phenomenon and such a design seems fitting as a result.

There's no reference to the World Cup in this release, but with the world coming toegther in Russia right now through the beauty of football, these international-flavoured Vans seem like a timely drop. Also, increasing this theme of accessibility, you're not going to need to spend any more than 60 USD when these flag-covered Vans.