Open and mysterious at the same time, ARC.

14 December 2018, 13:49
Life After Football

The festive season is about so much but at the centre of it all is good food.

As such, we're giving you a tip here for a great restaurant to enjoy over the holiday period in our hometown of Amsterdam, ARC.

Where the Dutch kitchen has been mixing with international influences time and time again throughout history, ARC, embody this. However, in order to create their varied international flavours, they only use fresh, local ingredients and this is one of the secrets to their success. 

As for the spot, they have one of the best locations in the whole city. An imposing building in the neo-Renaissance style designed by Roelof Kuipers, the setting has been an eye-catcher of a building on the edge of De Pijp since 1892. Studio Linse translates the historic energy in modern Amsterdam into a modern and warm design and this comes across in both the interior and the food.

Open and mysterious at the same time, ARC. is made up of four connected spaces: a bar, a narrow space with high tables, a restaurant and an atrium. The space makes ARC. a place to drink, a place to snack, a place for formal dinners, and a place where people can come together as one - ideal for Christmas.

Visit ARC.'s website for information on booking and see their latest menu here.