Melkweg's MILK is a new must-visit spot...

16 November 2018, 13:32
Life After Football

Amsterdam's iconic music venue, Melkweg, has opened the doors of its own café / restaurant and it's a treat for all the senses.

Known as MILK, it sits on Marnixstraat in Amsterdam and within it's doors is an interior inspired by American diners but serving way more than just hamburgers and fries! A seasonal menu with an Asian influence is the order of the day at MILK, which is open all day lunch, drinks and dinner.

Because MILK is open all day, it's not only a place for gig-goers and artists visiting Melkweg, but also for whoever else. The new must-visit spot has an exhibition space where work by young talent is presented to a diverse audience in a well-curated way. The direct connection to the café / restaurant makes it possible to combine a drink or dinner with a visit to the current exhibition, which is free of charge.

As for the kitchen, it's led by chef Jermaine Liesdek (Supperclub, Holland Casino and Daalder), who serves seasonal dishes inspired by Asian cuisine. The kitchen uses local products as much as possible, such as with their bread, fish, meat, vegetables, spirits and wines. A perfect spot for a pre-concert drink and a new cool spot to grab some food... one more reason to go to Melkweg.