Dua Lipa headlines Jaguar's music and technology collab

27 September 2018, 12:51
Life After Football

The celebrated car manufacturer Jaguar is stretching its paws into music, announcing their plans with one the most exciting talents in pop music.

The British/Kosovan singer, Dua Lipa, has a new cutting-edge partnership with Jaguar and she kicked off the new incentive with a special gig in Amsterdam at the start of this month. On September 3 she performed in a celebration of Jaguar’s popular SUV models to start The Pace: Season One. 

It was a boundary-pushing performance from Lipa as she performed, not with a fellow artist, but with the car in question. She said of her new collaboration:

'I love to push boundaries with my music and my performances and this partnership is going to take things to an exciting new level. It’s a hi-tech project combining music and Jaguar technology, and I know my fans are going to love what we are creating together.'