The Hoodlab release new football jerseys

11 June 2018, 13:17
Life After Football

Not for the first time, Manchester-based brand The Hoodlab have used the love that they and their city have for football to create something special.

The PLAYGROUND jerseys are two bold football shirts using a classic stripey design, with an oversized fit helping them look like something straight out of mid-nineties Carling Premiership game. They are calling the black and white shirt the NORTH SIDE jersey, whilst the louder more eccentric offering is known as the SOUTH SIDE.

They've been shot on a badly beaten football pitch with gives them a no-nonsense look, whilst HOODLAB branding is added to the material in the place of a sponsor and on the back, too, creating what is another solid piece of football fashion from this young brand. 

Already on sale, you can pick up a 'PLAYGROUND' jersey at their website.