Juergen Teller's football photography will be on show in Moscow

04 June 2018, 13:02
Life After Football

The renowned photographer and self-confessed football obsessive, Juergen Teller, is set to display an amazing collection in Moscow whilst the World Cup is on.

Titeld; Juergen Teller: Zittern auf dem Sofa, which is German for 'Panic on the Sofa, Teller's work documents what it's like to be a football fan watching your beloved team. Aiming to catch all the drama, all the ups and downs, the joy and despair, Teller has recorded himself watching every Germany game since their World Cup Final defeat in 2002.

He has described the work as a 'mesmerising form of self-examination,' so expect to see some powerful images that should resonate with many fans who are making the trip out to Russia this summer. It will be displayed at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow and consist of both photography and videos circling around the theme that is relatable to so many.

Teller's exhibition is an example of all of the football culture that's going to be lighting up Moscow even more than usual, with fashion and art never so closely tied to the game as with this 2018 World Cup.

Less than two weeks to go!