Harmonies by Bang & Olufsen: When technology meets nature

25 May 2018, 11:27
Life After Football

Bang & Olufsen have a reputation for innovation, something that they've earned through their work in rethinking of what our in-home technology can do and what it can look like.

With this Harmonies range, released last year to celebrate the company's 92nd birthday no less, they bring an essence of nature to their game-changing BeoPlay and BeoSound products.

Keeping that excellent sound performance and optimum connectivity with absolute freedom of placement and freedom of use, B&O have redecorated a limited number of their products with nature providing the inspiration. Thanks to their colours, these wireless speaker systems easily adapt to the rhythm of everyday life and different domestic settings.

The collection is as follows:

  • BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2 in Infantry green anodised aluminium
  • BeoPlay A9, which has brass-toned aluminium ring, Infantry green woven front Kvadrat fabric and smoked oak wooden legs.
  • BeoPlay M5 with brushed Infantry green aluminium top and infantry green woven Kvadrat fabric
  • BeoSound 35 with brass-tone aluminium cabinet, Infantry green fabric cover, and black aluminium table stand.

With all of the technology that allows for these items to perform the perfect multiroom experience, these limited edition colourways are particularly special. Earthy tones make them a fine addition to any room, as if B&O's standard look wasn't already smart enough.

This full collection is limited, but it's still available to buy for your own home at Bang & Olufsen's website.