Sean John celebrate 20th anniversary with some music legends

23 May 2018, 10:57
Life After Football

Diddy's label, Sean John, has just released a new capsule of t-shirts that are bound to be popular.

Paying homage to some legends of music, the brand has put Aaliyah, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin and fittingly, Notorious B.I.G, once of Diddy's music label Bad Boy, on some clean white t-shirts. A chance to pay tribute to one of your favourite artists in a fashionable way, this release is to celebrate 20 years of Diddy's fashion label.

One of the most influential guys in the music industry, even today, years after that 90s boom that saw Biggie Smalls rise to fame under his label, Diddy has made a classy gesture with this one. However, it's also one that's bound to play on the fandom of many as the artists in question all have millions of fans worldwide.

All of them sadly no longer with us, Gaye, Hendrix, Aaliyah and Biggie will always live on through their music. Each of them has also influenced the current state of music and Diddy's career, perhaps another reason why he's chosen these artists in particular.

They're retailing at $39 and are set to be a hit this summer.