The perfect Shower Treatment for post-exercise

07 November 2018, 14:04
Life After Football

There is nothing like a wonderful shower to wake up to or after intense exercise.

So refreshing post-workout, it can feel like an extra power boost! And there are many shower products available that smell fantastic and create a bubbly foam, which can give this super clean feeling. However, too much perfume and especially foaming products are not ideal for your skin, because they can dry out a lot of the moisture extracted. You also increase the chance of nasty skin conditions and, of course, this is something you want to prevent. 

That is why it is important to avoid foaming shower products and to use a shower oil. An oil does not dry out your skin and provides a soft, supple body skin. The Shower Treatment from hannah is a rich, caring shower oil based on soybean oil with a wonderfully fresh scent. Where necessary, this rich formula revitalises the skin and is even ideal for very dry or sensitive skin. It is easy to use and ensures a beautiful, clean and well-hydrated body skin. 

Ideal for these Autmun and Winter months when getting the sun that our skin wants so much is a little more tricky, this Shower Treatment could be an essential part of our skincare regime over the next few months. And with such a big bottle, it might just last you all season!

Head to Hannah's website to find out more and maybe grab a bottle.