Fashion Friday: Earl Sweatshirt releases winter range

25 January 2019, 17:51
Life After Football

Your favourite rapper's favourite rapper's favourite rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, finally put out some new music in recent months and he's followed it up with a simple but quite delightful range of merch.

Sometimes we go high-end with our Fashion Friday choice and sometimes we stay more humble. This week's offering is definitely a more simple release and Earl, a man of simple pleasures, puts out a collection consisting of just hoodies and jackets for winter. 

On the contrary to his former group Odd Future's fashion chain, Golf Wang, this is a minimal, super practical range that doesn't push the boundaries of fashion but in doing so, provides some staple pieces. Thick cottons are used with graphic prints of the DEATHWORLD branding, whilst waterproofs come into play on the jackets.

The full range is available from Deathworld themselves.