Kepri Cotton: Luxury at your fingertips

17 December 2018, 09:28
Life After Football

Kepri Cotton is the new Dutch bed linen brand that stands for sustainability and craftsmanship.

The Kepri Cotton sheets are exclusively sold online and are therefore accessible to everyone, directly from the supplier to your bedroom. With years of experience and with the aim of offering the consumer a fair and sustainable product, Kepri Cotton proves that luxury can also be sustainable.

The sheets are ethically produced in India from organic cotton with extra long fibres. The quality of the sheets is superior; the cotton is very pure and the company is GOTS certified. The cotton is free of pesticides and herbicides. By achieving an optimum thread count of 400 TC and 500 TC during the weaving process, a material is made that feels comfortable and luxurious. There are two qualities: Percale 400TC and Satin 500TC. Both qualities are made of 100% Organic Cotton and the same 2-ply yarn is used for both qualities.

The range consists of duvet covers, pillowcases and under sheets, available in all sizes, so you are always assured of a perfect fit. Thanks to the timeless design, the sheets fit into any interior. The subdued colour palette offers the possibility to mix and match freely. The sheets of Kepri Cotton guarantee a qualitative and timeless look.

A must-add to your Christmas list!