How to get the best of your garden: A Q&A with an expert

11 January 2019, 12:37
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For those of you considering upgrading your garden, there's a company that you need to get to know.

Green Contractors are passionate gardeners and landscapers who take pride in making tailored, luxurious gardens out of your outdoor space. Founded by Duuk and Wim, the duo have been interested in gardening from an early age and now share their expertise with clients around Europe, taking on challenges big and small.

We recently got to know Duuk a little better and picked his brain about getting the most of your garden...

When did your passion for gardening begin?

It started as a young boy. Around 15 years old I started working at a nursery with big trees and beautiful flowers everywhere. This is where my love for gardening began.


What's your favourite part of the whole process?

The most rewarding part, for me at least, is coming up with the plan. I love thinking of a plan that the customer maybe wasn't expecting, but is really excited about. Being able to surprise them with something that they really like!

In the process, it's developing the plan and making that dream come true. Seeing beautiful plans and building the design, that's a special part of it, too.


Should people come to Green Contractors with a plan for their garden, or do you like complete freedom?

Sometimes people come with no ideas at all. It's more of a 'help me, please! I have a lot of gardens and no idea what to do with it or what kind of garden we want.' If this is the case, we go to interview the customer and try to collect as much information about them and their space, to come up with a plan that fits.

And sometimes, customers have a lot of ideas themselves. In this case, the fun part is taking this information and managing to surprise them, anyway, with parts and elements that they didn't imagine themselves! 


On the website, there's a lot of examples of gardens which Green Contractors have worked on. Many of them are major jobs with a lot of space - is this something that you specialise in?

Yes, this is something that we specialise in, but we also do smaller gardens or roof terraces in cities like Amsterdam or London where there's less space but also a good budget for making it AAA. 

You don't need a big space to make a luxurious, dream garden. You also have to be able to work with smaller surfaces and make the most of them.


Can you give an example of a particularly luxurious garden that you've worked on?

There have been many luxurious projects so far that we've worked on. We've built on country houses in England and chateaus in France. They were really nice budgets for making amazing gardens.

We've done a lot of beautiful gardens, it's hard to pick out a favourite.


It's not only plants and flowers that you deal with, tell us about the kind of things you can add to a garden...

Everything in the exterior area of your home. Swimming pools, tennis courts, gazebos, water features, jacuzzis. Anything that you need outside your house, that's what we handle.


Finally, how important is it to have a nice outdoor space to call your own?

It's very important! I did my garden last year, we renewed it and every day I walk outside, I am happy with it. I come home and I feel good, and it's because I'm entering through my garden. 

The space really feels like it belongs to my house and it's exactly how I want it. It gives me the freedom to walk outside in a nice environment. It gives privacy because the way that it's designed and it's a really nice place to be. I love to have friends over for a drink and feel comfortable. I think that's the most important role that a garden can have. It's like your kitchen or your living room, you make it so you feel comfortable at home - and that the garden is no different to that!